Boxer Patrick Day dies at 27 of traumatic brain injury

Patrick Day

Patrick Day, the boxer who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a fight on Saturday, died, his management company announced.

On the 27th, he reportedly died Wednesday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where he was transferred after collapsing in the ring at the city’s Wintrust Arena, after a fight against Charles Conwell.

The management company, DiBella Entertainment, said Day died “surrounded by his family, close friends and members of his boxing team, including his mentor, friend and coach Joe Higgins.” The company previously confirmed reports that Day was in a coma and underwent an emergency. brain surgery

Day was shot down in the fourth and eighth round of the fight before several blows to Conwell’s head sent him back to the canvas in the tenth and final round. Day was attended by medical personnel before being removed from the sand on a stretcher. He reportedly remained unconscious and suffered seizures when an ambulance transported him to the hospital.

“It is very difficult to explain or justify the dangers of boxing at a time like this,” said DiBella Entertainment. “This is not a time when edicts or pronouncements are appropriate, or the answers are readily available. However, it is a time for a call to action. While we don’t have the answers, we certainly know many of the questions, we have the means to answer them and we have the opportunity to answer responsibly and accordingly and make boxing safer for everyone involved.

“This is one way we can honor the legacy of Pat Day. Many people live much longer than Patrick’s 27 years, wondering if they made a difference or positively affected their world. This was not the case with Patrick Day when he left us. Rest in peace and power, Pat, with the angels.

On Tuesday, Conwell, 21, posted a long message on social media about Day. A 2016 Olympian, Conwell said he considered quitting boxing but decided that it was not what Day, as “a heart wrestler,” would want.

“I never wanted this to happen to you. All I always wanted to do was win. If I could recover everything, I would do it, “Conwell wrote.” Nobody deserves this to happen to them. I repeat the fight over and over in my head thinking what would happen if this never happened and why it happened to you. “


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