New culture is being created in the country’s agriculture


Educated young people are getting involved in the agriculture of the country. In contrast to the traditional methods of farming, they are using modern equipment. On the one hand, as the agro-crisis challenges are being tackled, new employment is also being created. Besides, the cost and time of crop production is decreasing.

Similarly, a young agricultural entrepreneur, Samsul Kabir of Atpara Upazila of Netrokona. After graduating from Dhaka University, he started farming. However, at the time of the rice harvest, Bipa was read. Even with high prices, agrochemicals do not match. Harvest crops were sometimes wasted on the field, damage was done almost every season. Later he learned of a new farming machine, with which he earned Tk 1 lakh during the last paddy season. The profit was more than seven lakh taka.

The farming system that is changing the fortunes of the company is the Combined Harvestor. Samsul has bought Harvister from the Yanmar brand in Japan. With this machine, rice can be harvested, clipped, clipped and filled with sacks. It takes much less time and cost than the conventional method of rice harvesting. There is no waste of paddy in the field.

This Combined Harvestor has been in the market for several years. However, the Yanmar Combined Harvester came to market last year. Its only distributor in Bangladesh is ACI Motors, the leading distributor of machinery in the agricultural sector. Apart from ACI, several other companies have also commercially combined Combined Harvester with other brands. On the other hand, Anwar Hossain, a farmer of Phulbari in Dinajpur, has also made such a farm in person.

According to a study by the Department of Agricultural Energy. Machinery of the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), crop cultivation, irrigation, weeding. Pesticides application has been mechanized by 3 to 5 percent. However, the use of machinery for planting, fertilizing, cutting, trimming, plowing and drying is less than 5%.

Manjurul Alam, a professor of agricultural energy and machinery at the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), said that 5 percent of the rural labor force is now farming. By 2020 it will be reduced to 20 percent. As a result, there is no alternative but to mechanize agriculture. Instead of physical labor, the interest of young people in farming is increasing with machines. Young people can play a key role in transforming marginal agriculture into commercial agriculture.

The cost of production is decreasing

Young agriculture entrepreneur Shamsul Kabir said that the traditional method of cultivating, trimming, plowing and packing of agricultural laborers in one acre of land cost Tk. 12,000. About 3 kg of paddy is wasted per 1 kg of paddy. However, it costs five to six thousand rupees to use the same use of the Combined Harvester of Yanmar. And the rice wastes only 5 kg per acre. In the traditional way where it takes 3 to 2 workers 2 days to do all the acreage of paddy, the same work can be done with Combined Harvester in just one hour.

Shamsul Kabir purchased the Yanmar Combined Harvester machine in April this year. He said, “In May this year, I worked on paddy cutting, paddy and packing of about 5 acres of land along with my own 5 acres of land. I’m thinking of buying another Combined Harvester next season. “

How much

ACI Motors, a provider of agricultural machinery, says there have been eight combined harvester sales across the country so far. Their two types of combined harvester will cost Tk 20 lakh 3 thousand and the bag type will cost Tk 2 lakh. ACI Motors’ dealerships are available across the country.

ACI Motors Executive Director Subrata Ranjan Das said that if you buy a harvester with Tk 2.5 lakh, the investment will go up in three seasons. It can run for another five years (three seasons a year). He also said that the youth cannot be attracted to agriculture by cutting paddy through the castle. This requires increasing the use of agricultural equipment. The government is subsidizing this. Besides, the bank has to bring the harvester under the loan given to the agricultural sector at low interest.

Work can also be done in mud

Sohail Eemu, another young agricultural entrepreneur in Tangail, purchased a Yanmar Combined Harvester earlier this year. Sohail said, “With this technology of Japanese technology, it is possible to harvest paddy and paddy paddy lying on the ground. The device has six sensors, so that it closes automatically when something is dirty or hard. Then clean it up and start working. ‘


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