Hurricane hit in Japan, killing 2


Hurricanes hit Hurricanes in Japan The cyclone hit the country’s island of Honshu on Saturday. So far two deaths have been reported in the cyclone. About 1 million people have been asked to move to safer places. It is thought to be the worst cyclone to hit Japan in the last five years.

According to a news agency AFP report, Hurricanes Hurricane was hit by the Hiju Peninsula on the island of Honshu shortly before 7pm local time on Saturday. The Japan Meteorological Department said the cyclone hit at about 216 km an hour. The cyclone is now moving east of Japan at 225 kilometers per hour. Meanwhile, the highest danger signal has been issued in Japan. People have also been warned that heavy rains could cause floods and landslides.
It is thought that this is going to be the worst cyclone ever since the 1959 cyclone. About 5,000 people were killed and missing in the devastating cyclone.

Many homes and houses were affected by the cyclone. Photo: Reuters
According to the BBC’s BBC report, about 50,000 people have been evacuated to safe haven. So far seven people have been reported injured. Hurricanes have forced more than a thousand aircraft to land at the airport. Rail communication has also been affected. Most of the capital, Tokyo, and the surrounding areas are electrified.

Japan’s Meteorological Department official Yasushi Kaziwara told a press conference, “unexpected heavy rains may occur in different cities and villages.” There is a high likelihood of this happening like floods and landslides. Meanwhile, the highest danger signal has been issued. Taking steps to save people’s lives is now the most important. ‘


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