Hundreds of Chhatra League leaders hid in Chittagong

Chhatra League

More than half a dozen leaders and activists of Jubo League and Chhatra League have been deployed in Chittagong soon after the anti-casino campaign began. Among them, there are 20-22 RAB personnel. Terror was spread among pro-government leaders and activists on Sunday night when a Jubo League activist was killed in a ‘gun battle’ with RAB.

The search revealed that Mohiuddin, a former leader of the Chittagong Polytechnic Chhatra League, had no whereabouts. Former central leader of the BCL Saiful Alam alias Limon, Nandankanan area. Abu Jafar, Ritu Das alias Bablu of CRB area, Mashiur Rahman alias Didar of GEC Bhuiyan street, Zahir Uddin alias Babar of Nalapara, Abdur Rauf of Jamalkhan area and Eshrarul Haque of Chandgaon area have not been seen for a few days.

Chittagong Urban Jubo League joint convener Mahbubul Haque said the number of leaders and workers who went into hiding would be hundreds. He said that dozens of Jubo League and Chhatra League will be found in the parish malls, who are involved in tenders and extortion. Now is the time to unleash the organization. It has to be used.

Jubo League activist Khorshed Ahmed was killed in a gun battle with RAB last Sunday. In particular, the leaders and activists involved in extortion and tenders are reported to be covering up. The RAB has also made a list of these two categories of criminals.

RAB-4 captain Lt. confirmed the list. Colonel Md. Mahbubul Alam told the first light, “A list of 20-22 people has been made in Chittagong city. We are looking for those involved in extortion and tendering. ”Mahbubul Alam added,“ We ​​have also collected information about what the ward councilors are doing. We will bring them under the law periodically. ”

According to the findings, Jubo League central leader Helal Akbar Chowdhury alias Babar left the country two-and-a-half months before the campaign began. His residence is in Nandankanan area of ​​the city. Jubo League Chairman Omar Farooq Chowdhury is well known for his close ties. He is accused of controlling railway tenders. Babar was accused of murdering a couple in CRB area of ​​Chittagong on June 27, following a dispute over tender. Babar aide said. Abu Jafar and Ritu Das alias Babalu have also recently been covered. They were also accused of controlling the tender of the railway.

Former Babar opposition leader Saiful Alam alias Limon has not been seen in the Chittagong Railway area for several days in connection with the twin murders in CRB area. He is accused of twin murder cases. Escarul Haque, a Jubo League activist from Chandgaon area, visited Dhaka a couple of weeks ago. A few months ago, the body of a local youth drilled after the dispute came to the discussion.


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