How to do breast cancer screening

Breast cancer

Breast cancer screening once every two to three years by a trained, skilled doctor is an important aspect of breast cancer screening.

There is no alternative to regular screening to identify early stage breast cancer. But at any age, there is confusion as to how to screen.

Three ways to screen for breast cancer:


Self-Breast Examination: You should examine yourself once every month from the age of 20 years. If there is any abnormality in your breast, seek medical advice immediately.


Doctor Examination: Breast examination should be done once every three years from 3 years to 3 years and once every 3 years from the age of 20 years by trained physician.


Mammography and other radiology and imaging tests such as ultrasonography, MRI.

If any abnormality is observed in these tests, the disease is identified by FNAC (pathological examination with thin needle).

Breast Self Examination

Once a month, menstrual women do well by examining a certain day within a week of their monthly completion. Because, during that time the breast is a bit lighter and the pain is less.

First, stand in front of the mirror and notice yourself in sufficient light. Hang the two arms on either side of the body. Lift your head upwards or backwards. The two hands should be pressed to the waist, so that the chest muscles can tense. The nipples should be lightly pressed to see if any juice comes out.

Notice whether any changes in the size, shape and color of the breast, any variation of the two nipples, any changes in the skin of the nipple, whether the nipple has been inserted in the skin, whether there is abnormal skin abnormality. The color of the liquid emitted from the spring.

Second, feel the experiment with your hands. Lying in bed, left breast with right hand and right breast with left hand. The side that needs to be examined is to place the hand on the side of the head, fold the small pillow or towel under the shoulder, so that the chest and breast are in parallel. You have to lie on the other side with a little tilt. Now with the middle three finger pads in the hand, first feel a little pressure, then heavy pressure, then the whole area of ​​the breast border with more pressure. Standing in the bath, you should test the same with soap on the body.

Clinical Breast Examination

Breast cancer screening once every two to three years by a trained, skilled doctor is an important aspect of breast cancer screening. The doctor advises on various tests if you feel at risk. Such as mammography, ultrasonography, MR mammography.


There is a lot of controversy over the age of breast cancer screening mammography. Breast cancer screening can be justified if it is 6 years.


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