Due to greed for corruption: Salman F Rahman

Salman F Rahman

Prime Minister’s Private Industries and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman has said. The government employees now corrupt due to greed.

The Prime Minister’s Adviser said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken zero tolerance or zero zero tolerance policy against corruption, drugs and terrorism. The salaries of employees have been increased to reduce corruption. As a result, corruption is needed to run the world.

This was stated by Salman F Rahman at a function at the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
Salman F Rahman said that a young police officer recently approached him and said that the salary he gets from the family goes well. You can even go out to eat with your family a few times a month.

Describing the incident, Salman F Rahman said that the greed of a section of government employees is the cause of corruption.

The IFC report is titled ‘Agile Regulatory Delivery for Improved Investment Competitiveness in Bangladesh’. The IFC and Policy Research Institute (PRI) organized a program on Monday afternoon at the Sonargaon Hotel in the capital.

Speaking on the occasion, Salman F Rahman said that the decision taken by the government at the highest level is often stuck in the middle and lower levels of the bureaucracy. To improve the business environment, the mindset of the bureaucracy has to change. In this case, he gave an example. Saying that the permission for construction work has been reduced to improve the business environment. But that was not implemented by Raju.

Salman F Rahman advised the IFC to organize workshops for middle and lower level employees. He said business should be made easier to increase investment in Bangladesh.

Secretary of the Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs of the Law Ministry Mohammad Shahidul Haque. Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), was executed by PRI Executive Director Ahsan H Mansur. Sirajul Islam, Rough Bent, South Asia Practice Manager in the Finance Competitiveness Division of the World Bank Group, Wendy Warner. Country Manager of IFC Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, Bangladesh’s Judith Harberstone, DFID Bangladesh’s Program Leader, Ryosh Yatuka Yatuya Mathewatu Yoshiyatu Yatyi Mathewethi Prom B spoke.


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