BUET student’s body on the stairs of the hall!

Bute Student

It was reported that the incident took place at Sher-e-Bangla in Butte at around midnight on Sunday. Police recovered the body and sent it to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for autopsy.

Talking to the students of Abarr Hall, it was learned that Shibir suspects Abarr was summoned from room 8 of the hall around 8pm on Sunday night. About three hours later, no one was found. At around midnight, Abar’s body was seen lying on the stairs of Sher Bangla Hall. Later, when he informed the doctor, he came and declared him dead.

A roommate of Fahad, who did not want to be named, told Brock News that he came to the room after nine hours after finishing tuition. Abra was not in the room then. I learned from other roommates that the BCL brothers had called him to room # 21. Later in the night, one of the guys in the hall asked if Abrar was our roommate. When I said yes I asked to go to the stairs room. Later, I went to the staircase and found a mattress lying on a mattress on the ground floor. Later, the doctor came and declared him dead.

Bute Student Kill

BUET Chhatra League co-editor Ashikul Islam Bittu was present in the room during the clash. He said Abrar was called to room number 28 around 8pm on suspicion of camp. There we check Facebook and Messenger on his mobile. I found evidence of his likes on some controversial pages on Facebook. He has also contacted some. I found evidence of camp involvement. At one point I came out of the room. He may have been beaten up by then. Later at three o’clock in the night, Abrar was dead.

Professor Zafar Iqbal Khan, principal of Sher Bangla Hall, said that if I get a doctor’s phone, I will come. The boy’s body has come and fallen. The doctor said the boy was no longer there. Later, he was sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with the help of police. When asked about the arrangements, he said, so far no complaint has been received. Police are investigating the incident. They will be given all kinds of support from the Hall administration.

Masuq Elahi, a doctor who received a call from the students at Sarezmin, said that at three o’clock in the night, the students in the hall gave me a call. I went to the hall and saw the boy lying down on the stairs. The boy was dead by then. I see signs of numerous injuries all over his body.

Additional deputy police commissioner Kamal Hossain told bdnews24.com that the incident took place after receiving news from the administration. I came to see the boy’s body. Later, they were rescued and sent to Dhaka Medical College. Following the proper procedure, next steps will be taken. There are several CCTV cameras throughout the hall. These will be seen. The search operation is going on in different rooms of the hall.



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