About Us

BRAC News is an online magazine. It is only a small effort for us to reach the general public with the right information. We are working to make the country’s news world more prosperous. BRAC News is working to make all kinds of news available to the general public easily. We verify the news in each district of Bangladesh after selecting our news paper.
In this paper, you will be constantly informed about all kinds of news, both inside and outside the country.
Our purpose:
১. With this magazine, our main objective is to make the information store more prosperous.

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  1. Our aim is to expose all the crimes of Bangladesh to the people.
  2. To make the citizens of Bangladesh aware of the crime.
  3. To increase citizen awareness and not to curb crime.
  4. This magazine will be with you at the moment of political unrest of the country and in all kinds of disaster.
  5. The paper will play a vital role in forming public opinion in the country.