65 years old rekha!


Bollywood diva celebrity actress Rekha’s birthday today. Although Varnil stepped foot in that spring of life, age did not touch him. She is known as one of Bollywood’s most beloved actresses. She has not seen such a drastic reduction in the life of a 12-year-old silver screen.

Line born

Born in Chennai on October 9, the family name of the actress was Bhanurekha Ganesh. Most commonly known as ‘Rekha’.

The beginning of acting life

Rekha stood in front of the first big screen camera at the age of just 5 as a child actor in Telugu movie Rangola Ratam.

Because of that come into play

He left school at an early age because of his family’s poor financial condition, and became a child artist in a Telugu film called ‘Rangola Ratam’ at 5.

Rekha’s parents

Rekha’s father was Gemini Ganesh, the popular hero of Tamil cinema. Mother Telugu actress Pushpabali.

Debut as heroine

Rekha made her Bollywood debut with ‘Anjana Tour’ in the film. Shaun Bhadé was first released as the heroine of the film.

Married to Vinod Mehra

Rekha tied the knot with Vinod Mehra in the movie ‘Ghar’. Then Rekha Binod entertained or secretly arranged the marriage. Rekha-Binod could not get together because of the objections of the mother of entertainers.

Married to Mukesh

In 5, the mysterious Rekha was suddenly tied up with a famous Delhi businessman, Mukesh Agarwal.

Husband suicide

Within a year of the marriage, Mukesh committed suicide.

Rekha was in America at that time. Many people believe that Mukesh, the arrogant Mukesh, opted for suicide because of his linear relationship with multiple men. Mukesh wrote the suicide note, saying that no one was responsible for the suicide.

Circulation of diva words

The word ‘diva’ is introduced in Bollywood as well as in the entire Indian subcontinent because of the line.

Establishment as a heroine

At first he could not do much to be a heroine. His unmatched performance with Amitabh in the ‘Do Anjaane’ movie, released in the year 5, earned him the title of the industry’s first female hero.

Recognition of acting

He has acted in five films in his nearly 12-year career. Received three Filmfare Awards for recognition. He also won the National Award for Best Actress for his film ‘Umrao Jan’. He was also awarded the Padma Shri.

Different numbers

He was referred to by hundreds of other negative names, including ‘man-eater’, ‘nymphomaniac’, ‘sex kitten’.

Her colorful life has been published in the biography ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’.

As many pictures as discussed

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Rekha-Amitabh’s love

One of Bolipara’s most discussed love relationships is Rekha-Amitabh’s love affair. Amitabh-Rekha, or even married. Amitabh-Rekha appeared together at Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s wedding party. At that time, pearls were also given in the line staircase. Rekha was at the center of the discussion. Amitabh-Rekha worked together for the first time in ‘Anjaane’, which was released in the year 6. Rekha appeared in a whole new look through this movie, with body fat. In the romantic shooting of the film, Rekha found out that Big B was disappointed.

But a few years before Rekha fell in love with the Bollywood actress Jaya Bhaduri, she was dating an ‘Angry Youngman’ of the seventies. From the shooting set of ‘Ganga ki fragrance’ released in the year 4, they would have disappeared from time to time without telling anyone. The last movie of the pair was released in 122. ‘Silsila’. The duo have not been seen together in any other film since the film Super Duper Hit. Amitabh’s wife, Jaya Bachchan, never saw this relationship as good. Rekha once made it clear that she would not leave her husband under any circumstances. From then on, the distance between them basically increased. Amitabh also came away with a lot of rumors to handle the house.


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